Little Girl's Room

Pink and purple is a classic color combination for a little girl's room.  Shown in the middle picture is the floorplan of my pink and purple girl's room. Shown in the top picture is the desk and dresser to the left and the closet door off to the right. Shown in the bottom picture is the bed area. Notice the stripes on the bed wall of the bottom left picture, one is the same height as the shelf in the top right picture. This shelf would be used for pictures or small knick-knacks. The stripes are horizontal rather than vertical because vertical stripes would make the room look taller, and a child's room doesn't need to be tall. This room will grow with the girl because dark purple is a versatile color. Pair purple with it's compliment, yellow, for a fresh look. Purple and neon green are edgy and bold. Purple and... just about anything else will work also!
If walls could dream... they'd dream of purple.