House 1

Yes, this house's name is "House 1." That is what I saved it under. Don't be teasing it! Some of us have strange names too. I can't think of any right now, but if your name was "person 1" would you want people making fun of you? I didn't think so.
Shown in the first picture is the entry in the center, kitchen to the left, side door and dining and living room to the right. Notice the wonderful cabinet doors. They are walnut in a white frame. They look great with the white counters, backsplash, appliances, and chunky base molding. The walnut really compliments the green wall color. Green and red are complimentary colors, which makes the walls and sofa go together. Overall, this is a very cohesive space!
 Shown in the second picture is the living in the front. The burgundy fabric really makes it pop, and works well with the wood of the kitchen and the built in entertainment center shown below. The dining room is behind towards the left. Notice the sliding glass door out to a deck and side yard. Also notice the three art pieces hanging on the wall, they are simply painted wood (the two outer with a light beige color and the middle with the wall color) and framed in dark green painted wood. In the back right of the picture is the guest bedroom. It's a little small, but it would work great as an office!
Shown in the third picture is the kitchen. Notice the breakfast bar, white subway tile backsplash,white appliances and large sink.

Shown in the fourth picture is the entertainment center.The built-in look flows straight from the kitchen. Again you see the walnut cabinet doors that I mentioned earlier. To the left is the door to the master suite. The built-in look is continued into the master suite. 

If walls could dream... they'd occasionally have nightmares of being called "wall 1"